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Animal Rescue

Petfinder.com is a wonderful online resource to use to begin your search for a new animal companion.  They list cats, dogs, rabbits, other small furries, as well as reptiles, birds & barnyard animals!  It’s just a fun place to go and browse too.  Input your criteria on the left side of the page under “Search for a Pet”, then enter your location and voila! Up comes a list – with photos – of all the adoptable animals that match your criteria along with the rescue they are sheltered with and their location.  Each shelter or rescue will have its own criteria for adopters to meet but many times you can get the initial paperwork online and begin the process right away!  Stop on by and see the many animals available & in need of homes not so very far away from you!  It’s a great place to find shelters to volunteer at also.  So go ahead and check them out!  Come on, you know you want to… www.petfinder.com


Below are links to various ‘feline-friendly’ websites for you to peruse.

Cats – General Interest

Pet Toy Safety

Animal Planet – Pets

Jackson Galaxy

Cats – Special Situations

Rescue for cats stuck in trees

Cats – Health Resources

(These sites are being provided as a convenient resource to learn more about health conditions relating to cats. They are not meant to replace hands-on diagnosis and treatment by a qualified veterinary practitioner.)

What to consider when choosing a veterinarian for your cat?

Feline Wellness


Cat Health

Pet Coach – Presented by Petco Animal Supplies Stores

Pet Insurance – Consumer Advocate

Pet Insurance – Money magazine



Cats – Disaster Preparedness

Saving the Whole Family – AMVA

Be Prepared for a Disaster:  How to Evacuate with Cats

Cats – Disaster Preparedness Shopping List

Disaster Preparedness for Pets: Tips from the ASPCA

Prepare your Cat and your Home for an Emergency

Disaster Preparedness Tips from the Cat Fanciers’ Association

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