Kitty Ozone Spa Treatments

Spa Treatment

 A spa treatment for cats?  Seriously?? Tell me more! 

Yes, it’s true, many cats thoroughly enjoy their ozone spa treatment!  It’s just like a kitty hot tub that runs for up to 15 minutes.  In addition to the warm bubbly bath sensation, we drop an effervescent relaxation tablet into the bath which adds minerals to fortify kitty’s coat through the ozone which drives all products deeper into the skin.  Spa treatments can be added to any grooming appointment.

Why ozone?  So glad you asked! 

Ozone is a safe, powerful and rapid acting oxidizer which will oxidize all bacteria, mold & yeast spores, organic material, and viruses.  It also acts to reduce inflammation.  The jacuzzi action carries the products used to the deepest layers of the skin.  Because of these properties, ozone baths can be useful in regaining skin & coat health if any impairment is present.  We are happy to consult with your cat’s veterinarian to help address any specific issues you might have concerns about.  Some conditions aided by the use of the ozone spa treatment include alopecia, allergies including dermatitis, fungal conditions, itching, and helping to regrow hair in areas of surgical shavings (following a healed incision), among others.

A pleasant side benefit of kitty having a spa treatment is that the bubbling action also loosens undercoat which then either rises to the surface or gets caught in the grate that the cat is sitting on. Kitty generally comes out of the spa with a tidier, less hairy coat than she went into it having.  That’s hair you won’t find on your living room sofa!

In addition to the benefits to kitty’s skin and coat, the warm hydro-massage action feels very good to cats who are elderly or arthritic helping them to regain mobility in some cases.  (Please read Fiona’s experience on the Testimonial page to see how a spa treatment helped her!)  It also is calming to cats who are, shall we say, high-strung?

If your cat does not like it we will not make them stay in it the whole time but many cats have joined the “Circle of Bravery” by staying in the whole 15 minutes.  They even look sad when the bubbles stop!  Take a look at their pictures on this page and decide for yourself if you’d like to treat your fur baby to this special experience!  It’s just $20 more!

Issi - Part 1

Issi - Part 2

Issi - Part 3

Penny - Part 1

Penny - Part 2:





Freya - Part 1

Freya - Part 2

Tonto is the Spa’s Favorite Fan!

He loves the spa so much that he can’t wait to climb in and when it is all done he tries to get back in.

Tonto - In Spa

Tonto - In Spa Different Day

Tonto - After Spa