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Services and Prices

Effective May 1, 2018

Bath, Brush, & Nails

(Includes bath, comb out, ear & eye cleaning, and nail trim)

Short Haired Cats: $53
Medium Haired Cats: $57
Long Haired Cats:* $63
Super Plush Long Haired Cats:* $69 (What constitutes a Super Plush cat?)

Blade Lion Cut (1/16″ – 1/4″)

(Includes bath, haircut, ear & eye cleaning, nail trim)

Short Haired Cats: $66
Medium Haired Cats: $70

Long Haired Cats:* $76

Comb Lion Cut (definition) or “Kitten Cut” (all one length) (3/8″ – 1/2″)

(Includes bath, comb out, haircut, ear & eye cleaning, nail trim)

Medium Haired Cats: $79
Long Haired Cats:* $86

*Includes face trim & ear tippings trim

Add-On or Stand-Alone Service

Nail Trim  $15
Pad Trim  $10
Toe Tuft Trim $10
Sanitary Trim  $10
Half Belly Shave  $12
Full Belly Shave  $15
Between-groom combouts:  Starts at $25

Soft Paws® Application: Front Only $18 / Back Only $15 / Full Set $30

Demat Fee: $5 & up (depending on severity & extent)
Coated Fee: $10 & up (depending on severity & extent)
Pelted Fee: $25 & up (depending on severity & extent)

Forms of payment accepted include cash or check. No credit/debit cards accepted this time.

Payment is due at time of service.

The Cat Groomer reserves the right to charge a fee for any appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, or for any No Show appointments.

Gratuities never expected, but always appreciated.

The Cat Groomer:

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52 Canal St.
Spofford, NH 03462